Provide life-saving meals for children around the world!

Host a worship and service event with a Youth Encounter team!

Get Involved, Change Lives

Join Youth Encounter and Harvest Pack to provide highly nutritious, life-saving meals for starving children around the world for less than $0.30 a meal!

Youth Encounter teams will customize a food packaging and worship event for your group. Options include:

  • 2-3 hour mid-week events (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • partial or full-day events
  • a large event spread across several days or a weekend

Host a stand-alone event, or pair the service project with a youth night, concert, lock-in/retreat, family event or worship service. (Some events may involve additional cost.)

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Sample Packaging Event

  • 30 minutes – Instructions/discussion on world hunger
  • 45-90 minutes – Food Packaging and clean up
  • 30 minutes – Debriefing and worship

(Structure will be lengthened or shortened to fit your needs. Please consult Youth Encounter staff about your specific situation before deciding on details.)

Eat Pray Love

Time and Cost Calculator

(minimum 25)

(minimum $2088)

(minimum 7200)


(50 people/shift)

The minimum food packaging event for 2014-2015 is $2,088, which completes 7,200 meals.Food packaging shifts are set up in groups of 25 people (11 people at each of 2 stations, and three additional people supporting the process).

A team comes equipped to supervise two groups (4 stations, 50 people) simultaneously (one shift). In addition to packing time, each shift takes a minimum of 15 minutes prep time and 15 minutes clean-up time. An introduction of the project beforehand and debriefing the experience afterwards can each take 15-30 minutes; this time can be incorporated into each shift, or done as a total group at the beginning and the close of the total project (if packing in more than one shift). For large packing events, additional equipment can be supplied to supervise additional groups simultaneously (for some additional cost; timing not reflected in above calculations).

A group of 25 people will pack 3,000-4,000 meals per hour, or 120-160 meals per person, per hour. If the group has fewer people, it will take longer to package the food. Similarly, if positions are rotated so participants can experience a variety of tasks, the per-person rate will tend toward the lower rate, and it will take longer to package the food.

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  • $0.29 per meal pays for food ingredients & all the logistics to get the meals to hungry children
    • Per person: $20 for packing 30 minutes, $40 for packing 60 minutes
    • Overall cost: 7,200 meals for $2,088 (minimum), 14,250 meals for $4,132, 21,400 meals for $6,206, etc.
  • Includes some additional ministry programming with the Youth Encounter team.

Girl Packaging Food


  • 7,200 meals minimum
  • A minimum of 25 volunteers
  • Scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance
  • Volunteers should be at least 8 years old
  • Hosting organization is expected to provide housing & meals for the ministry team (generally with host families)